Final Fantasy XV’ Guide: Where to Find the Dominator Greatsword

By Ara , Updated Dec 12, 2016 08:47 PM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" offers a wide selection of weapons that players can acquire in the game. Some are locked away in a secret dungeon while some are not as hard to get. Fortunately for the Dominator Greatsword, it's not really that hard to find and this guide will show exactly where it can be found.

Where to Find the Dominator Greatsword in the Game?

As mentioned earlier, the Dominator Greatsword is not hard to find in the game. Unlike the legendary weapons found in "Final Fantasy XV" that's hidden in a locked dungeon, this weapon is just found in a treasure spot on the floor. But despite how easy it will be to find this weapon, its power should not be belittled as it is considered to be the second strongest greatsword in the game.

To find the sword, just head to the parking spot of Astor Slough and head northwest until the player finds a number of small buildings. Then just start looking around the floor to find the treasure. It should also be seen in the map so finding it wouldn't be so hard. Once it is found, just pick the Dominator Greatsword up and it's for the player to keep.

Other Legendary Weapon in the "Final Fantasy XV"

There are many other weapons in the game and the only greatsword more powerful than the Dominator is a legendary weapon. All the legendary weapon are hidden in the dungeons and the only way to get there is to undergo challenges. So to help the players complete the task and claim the legendary weapons, they have the second best weapons to use like the Dominator Greatsword.

For "Final Fantasy XV" players who wish to start their quest to find the legendary weapon, they must finish the game first and reach Randolph in Lestallum. There are 5 legendary weapons in the game and the fifth challenge rewards the most powerful legendary weapon in the "Final Fantasy 15".

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