Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition More Than Just a Facelift, Insists Crystal Dynamics Dev

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Dec 19, 2013 08:24 AM EST

Crystal Dynamics developed Tomb Raider’s Definitive Edition for the next generation consoles is arriving at a somewhat hefty price tag, and that hasn’t pleased most of the Lara Croft fans since it’s massively believed that the game is nothing but a quick rendition of the original game whose only real advantage is that it will run on next generation consoles. However, the developing team insists that this is not the case and says the new Tomb Raider is more than just a “facelift.”

Discussing the game recently in a Q&A session on the Eidos forum, Crystal Dynamics executive producer Scot Amos addressed fan concerns about the same and insisted that Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is more than "only a facelift".

During the discussion, one participant with an alias “Fission” questioned Crystal Dynamics about the game’s edition while also asking if the price for the same is justified since, according to him, it’s a “face-lifted version of the same game so soon after the release of the original" and that “The lack of extra content (especially for the SP player) makes it hardly worth it.”

To this, Amos answered: “It's a great question and while I don't control sales or prices, what I do know is that Tomb Raider is an awesome game.”

“It has received many nominations and has an amazing fan base that keeps us striving to always deliver the best and always pushing ourselves to even do better.”

“If it was ‘only a facelift’ AND we were only reselling it on the same platforms we'd already shipped it on, I would see your point. But as we're selling it on a new platform, with a lot of development work put in to custom craft it for the new platforms; with the new additions for the aesthetic, the physics, the particles, the lighting - taking advantage of next-gen features - so I absolutely stand by our decision to offer up Definitive Edition the way we are,” he further added.

Amos also sounded pretty confident about the game running on the next generation platforms and stated that the company wants “every Tomb Raider fan to get to experience it on next-gen.”

“We are definitely looking to draw in those folks who may not have experience it yet on the last generation so they can experience this version on next-generation.”

“But even for existing hardcore fans, we are confident in the offering we have as an excellent enhanced experience above and beyond what we'd previously provided. We wouldn't bring it to you all if we felt otherwise. You are the reasons we do what we do,” Amos concluded.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is currently scheduled to launch for PS4 and Xbox One in North America on January 28 for $59.99, and will offer the pre-order bonus tomb The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer, alongside a host of the game's multiplayer add-ons including eight DLC maps, six weapons and four characters.

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