'Pokemon Go': Update Introduces New Pokemon

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 14, 2016 08:08 AM EST

After reports of code diggers discovering new Pokemon from Generation II inside "Pokemon Go's" update file, fans have been waiting for official confirmation from Niantic. The company was quick to announce in a tweet that players will start to receive the new pocket monsters from eggs. However, Niantic apparently plans to release the newcomers in batches instead, which seems to be a marketing move to drum up interest for the game.

In a previous report from Gamenguide, data miners discovered a bunch of "Pokemon Go" system files that refer to "baby." This appears to be the biggest hint that led to the baby Pokemon from Generation II being released. In Niantic's tweet, they state that "Professor Willow has discovered Togepi, Pichu, and several other" through hatching some eggs.

According to Mashable, Fans of "Pokemon Go" should expect the gradual release of the next 100 Generation II Pokemon within "the next few months." Players have shared some of their newly hatched monsters through Twitter. The tweets showcase the new baby Pokemon that have been discovered in the latest updated game.


This "Pokemon Go" player shared her newly hatched Pichu, which is the baby form of the game's mascot Pikachu. It reportedly hatches from 5K eggs and requires 25 candy in order to fully evolve.


This cute little version of a Clefairy is also one of the new entries in "Pokemon Go." It's reported to hatch from a 2K egg its appears star-shaped and sports a pair of permanent blush on its cheeks.


The next one from "Pokemon Go's" latest update is an little Pokemon still half-encased in its eggshell. It apparently hatches from a 5K egg and needs 50 candies to evolve and eventually evolves into a Togetic.


This little puffball is claimed to hatch from a 2K egg. It will then require 25 candies to evolve into Jigglypuff in "Pokemon Go."


This mean looking Pokemon seems to hatch from 10K eggs. "Pokemon Go" players need at least 25 Electabuzz candy in order to evolve this electric-type Pokemon.


A fire-based Pokemon is reported to hatch from a 10K egg. This baby creature evolves into a Magmar in "Pokemon Go." Its evolution requires 25 Magmar candy.


The final reported Generation II Pokemon in the lastest "Pokemon Go" update is the baby form of Jynx. Its hatching requires a 10K egg, while evolving it uses up 25 Jynx candies.

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