‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Pikachu Wearing A Santa Hat; Will It Stay In The Game Forever? Santa Hat Improves IVs?

By Kenneth Bren Briones , Updated Dec 15, 2016 03:00 AM EST

Lately, Niantic Labs is dropping a lot of interesting updates. In its last update for "Pokemon Go," players were able to spot and catch a Pikachu wearing a festive Santa Hat. The adorable Pokemon is celebrating the holidays too.

Players of "Pokemon Go" are all surprised to see a Santa Hat-wearing Pikachu. A lot of players have been asking what this could mean. To simply put it, a holiday event is the most likely reason for this. However, it is still unclear if this Santa Pikachu will last through the holidays, until now.

It would not be a surprise that Niantic Labs will reveal that in the coming days a Christmas Event will happen in "Pokemon Go." The same could thing happened in Thanksgiving and Halloween. In the last two events (Thanksgiving and Halloween), players received some sort of bonuses and it's likely that the same can be expected from the predicted coming holiday event.

Without a doubt, the new Pikachu wearing a Santa Hat in "Pokemon Go" is special. Some are saying that this creature is a limited edition Pokemon and that means Pikachu wearing a Santa Hat will not be in the wild forever. Players can only capture this Pikachu until Dec.29.

Apparently, there are no reports stating that Pikachu wearing the festive Santa Hat will have a special effect or improve the Pokemon's IV ratings. It's just that having this Christmas Pikachu will be a good addition to your collection of critters in "Pokemon Go."

Additionally, if a player will evolve a Pikachu with the Santa Hat, he will get a Raichu wearing the festive hat as well. It's unclear, though, if players can catch a Raichu wearing the accessory. It seems very likely, but it would be a very rare catch.

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