VR Games Latest News & Update: No 2016 Games to Stir Envy of Console Players

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 14, 2016 06:52 PM EST

As 2016 nears culmination, the gaming world struggles to find a VR game that could spark envy of those who are into other platforms. It can be argued that there were good experiences with PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive but none of them is enough to make console players drool.

2016 is not yet the big bang for VR games - the sad reality. The likes of "EVE: Valkyrie" and "Battlezone" possess assets for multiplayer gameplay but lack a decent number of followers. Meaning, while they were designed to feel and look like crowded, it simply didn't happen, Stevivor said.

There are solo gameplay titles designed for VR as well. Then again the catch where most appears to be scouts and players don't know how good the next iterations are going to be. VR games of 2016 received lukewarm reception for sheer reason that developer made their games lukewarm too.

On the more positive note, there are excellent VR titles as well. What made these nicer games like "Starwars: Battlefront VR" or "Batman: Arkham VR" succumb into depths of forgotten VR games can be traced with two factors. Albeit good touch, these VR games can be killed in one sitting - wear that VR headset for an hour and the game is done. More of these good games can be tracked here in our earlier GameNGuide post.

Replay value is another factor that needs to be in VR games to make them worthwhile. Remember that most of these games cost a fortune and players look for replay value when shelling out hard-earned money. Who will delve into a VR game if it is like buying a ticket for an hour of movie entertainment?

Now to cap up the argument; the biggest drawback for VR games is the technology itself. Players believe that better hardware is coming so they opt to wait it out a bit. Oculus Rift will be releasing its version of controller, PlayStation VR was boosted with its sales and aims for other functionalities while HTC Vive is expanding its room scale.

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