Gaming Computer Rules, News & Update: Things to Consider When Shopping for Gaming Rig - Part 2

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 15, 2016 06:12 PM EST

Several factors should be considered when aiming for the best gaming computer and we have discussed some of them in the first part of our guide. Here we will continue our noble quest to aid our gamers, or probably remind them of things to consider when shopping for their rig. For continuity - fire them right away.

Power supply is the most commonly missed criterion when shopping for gaming computers. A stern warning though: unsafe, substandard and low quality power supply can kill your high-end hardware and potentially - YOU. Tom's Hardware have lengthy discussion how poor power supply leads a gaming computer towards a wall where it might not reach its optimal performance. Further, we mentioned that it can kill you and the reason is no brainer - risk of fire.

Be informed about what the hardware demand is and place an allowance of 50-100 watts above them to be safe. Gaming computers that sports dual GTX 1080, multiple internal hard drives and a flashy i7 processor with 4 cores will not run smoothly on 400-watt power supply, right?

Here is another nice thing to consider when getting a gaming computer: forget those that aren't necessary and needed. Meaning, the idea of Blu-ray drive is nice but can be easily ruled out if the gamer wants to download his game and store them in his HDD, GameSpot forum said. Other expenses that might be incurred from useless components can be used for other essential hardware.

To best describe this condition of slapping unnecessary accessories into a gaming computer, we will utilize the LED light we have mentioned in part 1 of our guide. Those LED doesn't come cheap, mind you. Who knows if the extra cost for those nice lights can already purchase a decent gaming mouse?

To recap a bit in our guide for buying a great gaming computer, we have discussed 5 criteria so far. Avoiding flashy case, HDD size, looking ahead for upgrades, skimping power supply and shying away from unnecessary components. We have more tips so please stay tuned for the third iteration of this guide.

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