'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Togetic Confirmed Available In The Game; Details Of The Skill Sets And Moves Here

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:44 PM EST

Last Monday, Niantic announced major news that they will be releasing a few Baby Pokemon in "Pokemon Go", like Magby, Elikid, Igglybuff, Cleffa, Smoochum and the most highlighted Pichu and Togepi. However, players have been wondering if we could possibly evolve a Togepi in to a Togetic in a certain amount of candies, well the answer is yes a player has been reported to have evolved a Togepi into a Togetic.

Niantic did not announce that Togetic is available in the game but a curious and lucky player of "Pokemon Go" has managed to evolve his Togepi into a Togetic according to Tech Pocket. The report says that the player used 50 Togepi candies for him to evolve the egg-like Pokemon into a Togetic.

It is possible to collect 50 Togepi candies when "Pokemon Go" players can hatch more than three Togepi eggs since hatching eggs gives a few more candies than transferring. It might also be possible to obtain a Togetic in the wild since it is not considered as a baby Pokemon however there have been no reports of a Togetic sighting.

Now that players know that a Togetic is possible in "Pokemon Go", players might also be wondering what types of moves and skill set a Togetic can acquire. Togetic's top moves are namely Zen Headbutt and Dazzling Gleam but unfortunately the Normal-flying Pokemon can't learn the wing attack.

Togetic's Zen Headbutt or Steel Wing are considered as Quick moves while Dazziling Gleam, Aerial Ace and Ancient Powers are considered as charge moves in the "Pokemon Go". There is no specific reason why developers would add an Ancient Power move to Togetic.

Quick fun fact about Togetic, Togetic is Pokemon that brings good fortune and shares happiness with a person if he figures out the person have a pure heart. Stay tune for more updates on the latest "Pokemon Go" news here on GameNGuide.

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