'Super Mario Run' Latest Guide: 'Super Mario Run' Tips & Tricks On How To Collect All Black Coins

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 18, 2016 06:54 AM EST

In "Super Mario Run," there are special coins concealed throughout the different levels. Here are the tips and tricks on how to find and acquire all the Black Coins concealed in "Super Mario Run." Collecting all these coins will enable you to purchase the Black Coin Pipe, and unlocks a special mini-game.

"Super Mario Run" World 1-1 Black Coins

As soon as the world begins, push forward and seize the Mushrooms out of the Question Blocks onward. Continue running forward until you see a set of three blocks dangling in the sky.

According to IGN, You need to wall jump from these blocks to seize the Black Coin above. The succeeding Black Coin can be found right past the first couple of sets of Goombas treading towards Mario. Hop onto the double set of Question Blocks, and then hit and hold your finger on the screen to jump on the group of three clouds containing this Black Coin.

"Super Mario Run" World 1-1 Black Coins

The next Black Coin for this world can be found a little further in the level. Check for a set of some solid blocks, and a gap that descents far to the bottommost of the screen. The Black Coin is concealed exactly along the verge of the end of the world, so be quick to seize it and not fall to your death.

From the third Black Coin, keep walking until you reach a Pause Block. There is a Question Block up ahead that you will have to hurdle to. Hop to it, then instantly tap jump off of the black to reach a new block. Wall jump off the block to land on the group of clouds above and then hop up to seize this Black Coin.

"Super Mario Run" World 1-1 Black Coins

The last Black Coin in this level is found further through the level. As soon as you passed the next set of Goombas, check for a set of three blocks, one Question Block and two solid blocks in a row. Smash the far left solid block to grab the Black Coin and finish seizing them all, says, Prima Games.

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