''Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Ditto Can't Copy This Feature; Will Santa Pikachu Evolve Into A Santa Raichu?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 18, 2016 07:55 PM EST

In "Pokemon Go", Ditto has been considered as one of the most notable and exciting creatures in the game. Through its shape shifting feature, Ditto can also help most players beat out powerful Pokemon Gym creatures as well by transforming into their foes. Recently there is one thing Ditto can't copy or do.

Niantic's latest released of the Baby Pokemon, Pichu, Togepi and more including the release of the special edition of the Santa Pikachu in "Pokemon Go". Some Pokemon trainers tried to battle a Santa Pikachu with their Ditto and were surprised by the results that the Ditto can copy the Pikachu but disregards the Santa hat according to Pokemon Go Pocket.

In the Pokemon anime series it was proven that a Ditto can transform into any Pokemon it sees even ordinary things like a book. In "Pokemon Go," that is not the case then, unfortunately it can't transform to all the things it sees.

In other "Pokemon Go" news regarding the Holiday Pikachu, some curious players are trying to figure out it is possible that a Santa Pikachu when evolved into a Raichu would retain the Santa hat on its head. Well the answer is Yes! Niantic has confirmed that when players will evolve a Santa Pikachu it will still have a Santa hat when it evolves into a Raichu.

"When #HolidayPikachu evolves, Raichu will also be wearing the festive hat," the "Pokemon Go" team said in their official Facebook account. "The festive hat that both Raichu and Pikachu are wearing will stay permanently after the celebration ends on Dec. 29, 2016," they continued.

Niantic is encouraging players to post their encounters with the Santa Pikachu in their social media accounts with the hashtag #HolidayPikachu and keep on hunting for this Christmas edition of the iconic Pokemon. Stay tune for more updates here on GameNGuide for the latest "Pokemon Go" news.

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