'Final Fantasy XV' News & Update: How To CompleteThe Pitioss Ruins In Just Six Minutes

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 19, 2016 11:32 AM EST

The secret dungeon which is called the Pitioss Ruins in the "Final Fantasy XV" is the most difficult dungeons in the game where it takes a lot of hours for players to finish. No need to worry about it anymore because a youtuber named Flobberworm4 found a way to complete the dungeon in just six minutes because of this shortcut.

First of all, for players to get to the Pitioss Ruins Dungeon in the "Final Fantasy XV", they need to obtain the Regalia Type-F and to fly over to the dungeon to its nearest volcano using the Regalia vehicle. The players will then encounter an incognito cave that is filled with platforming puzzles and checkpoints which can take up to 10 hours to accomplish according the Polygon.

One of the tricks will have to use the Prince Noctic's spawn points which have a very impressive run, they can help the players skip most irritating part to their way to the end of the dungeon. The highlighted trick for the "Final Fantasy XV" is targeting and attacking to propel Noctis forward that can help him land in a statue's bosom which the Flobberworm 4 calls the "the boob skip".

The platforming wizardry is easy enough for players to advance in the dungeon's final button in order to obtain the Black Hood accessory in the end. In the "Final Fantasy XV", the Pitioss Ruins will be very provoking to players due to all the jumping Noctis has to make where the camera and jump controls sensitive to the players.

 In the "Final Fantasy XV", the Pitioss Riuns includes diverse puzzles where players need to accomplish in order to make their way out since it does not have any monster to fight through making it the coolest and most unique areas in the game. Flying in the dungeon might not be the pratical way to play the game but it will save players time.

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