'Overwatch' Latest News & Updates: Mei's Winter Wonderland Wardrope Has Disappointed Fans; Blizzard Apologizes, More Details Here!

By Cores Grace Malaay , Updated Dec 19, 2016 09:39 AM EST

Winter Wonderland event for "Overwatch" aimed to emphasize the gamers' apple of the eye climatologist Mei through granting her a Snowball Offensive mode of her own. However, Blizzard's great plans went wrong as it settled down Mei's seasonal content with a substandard Legendary skin, which made fans disappointed.

Eurogamer reports that Mei's supposedly high-end holiday costume on Winter Wonderland event earned unfortunate reception from fans, which led Blizzard to apologize for it. Game director Jeff Kaplan said that he is sorry about Mei's winter attire via the "Overwatch" forums. "We just sort of make a gut call based off of what we think is cool," he added.

Mei's winter coat status was Legendary skin on "Overwatch" for its Winter Wonderland event, which is one reason why it was deeply criticized by fans since pricey wardrobes are normally a huge change from the usual re-skin of her typical attire. She is being transformed into a more decorative snowman by her ice block skills, which is the only major modification.

Kaplan went on to say that they only based Mei's Winter Wonderland event wardrobe for "Overwatch" on the fans' suggestions a few months ago when people started to speculate on the game's winter event, which they thought was special. "Apologies that our 'cool meter' was off from yours on this one," he added.

A representative from Blizzard also told Polygon the same thing that it only based on the fans' suggestions as Mei's wardrobes on "Overwatch" from the previous Summer Games and Halloween events went great. However, her Winter Wonderland event wardrobe didn't go well as planned.

A fan said that Mei's Winter Wonderland event wardrobe was not anything more than a festive recolor despite Blizzard's labeling it as legendary as it only redid the visual effects for Cryo-Freeze. On the plus side though, Blizzard is now planning on redesigning Mei's Legendary skin on "Overwatch" early in 2017.

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