Super Mario Run Latest News And Updates: Earn More Points By Doing Stylish Moves, Here's How

By zekiah , Updated Dec 19, 2016 07:12 PM EST

Super Mario Run just had a record setting debut on the iphone breaking Pokemon Go's record 900,000 day one sales by a huge margin as Super Mario Run was downloaded 2.9 million times. It's no wonder Super Mario Run had such a successful debut which only proves how powerful the Nintendo brand is. Mario is actually considered as the unofficial mascot for video games. Super Mario Run is the first Nintendo game released outside the Nintendo ecosystem. But despite the simplistic controls, Super Mario still has depth just for players who want to master the game. Here's how you can execute Super Mario Run stylish moves to take your running to the next level.

Super Mario Run is a portable port of the Super Mario series stripped down to its most basic core gameplay: jumping and landing on different platforms. In Super Mario Run, your controls are pretty much limited to tapping the screen to make Mario jump. Simple as it may be, Super Mario Run hides a mechanic that makes the game more technical as it seems. These are called stylish moves, and executing them will make Mario do fancy things and for players to earn adulation in toad rally.

Then again, Stylish Moves aren't that hard to do. You just have to know what to look for and when to tap the screen.

Stylish Moves are essential in winning Toad Rally mode. And in order to win, you need to collect a lot of coins and impress the audience of toads. The former is self explanatory but adulation from toads can only be done through stylish moves. Other than that, doing Stylish Moves lets you score more point and even earn a coin rush.

There are numerous scenarios to do a stylish but one constant is the appearance of a thumbs up icon signaling that you've successfully executed a stylish move. The more Stylish Moves you execute; the more toads will watch your run. If you win the race, all the spectating toads will appear at your kingdom and with more toads, the more you can build in Kingdom Builder mode.

These scenarios required to do a successful stylish move includes, consecutive wall jumps, vaulting jump, rolling jump, climbing jump, consecutive stomps and threading the ring.

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