Final Fantasy XV News And Updates: Golden Saucer Event Incoming?, Free DLC Details

By zekiah , Updated Dec 16, 2016 10:39 AM EST

Final Fantasy XV has been a huge hit for Square Enix making it that fastest selling entry of the series. Square Enix already has plans to support the game for a while as a thank you to the fans who bought the game. Now the first free DLC for Final Fantasy XV drops this December 22, 2016.

According to Siliconera, the Final Fantasy XV DLC which will be called Holiday Pack will be downloadable to everyone who bought the game. While the Holliday Pack + will be available to those who bought the season pass that contains more items than the free version.

Both packs include outfit accessories which players can equip Noctis. It will also include a carnival ticket that will let players participate the Moogle Chocoo carnival event which will be held on January. As of now there aren't news yet on the upcoming event but it may be similar to the Golden Saucer amusement park from Final Fantasy 7.

The Golden Saucer is one of the most memorable locations in the Final Fantasy series. It is an amusement park in Final Fantasy 7 that let players play an assortment of mini games and participate in the Chocobo Race and unlock a Golden Chocobo. And with remakes and nostalgia selling nowadays, this could be Final Fantasy XV's chance to join the crowd and make their own version of The Golden Saucer. The only drawback in this version is will only be for a limited time. Final Fantasy XV should have its own version of the Golden Saucer that players can visit anytime whether there is an event or not. Or maybe Square Enix is saving the true version of the Golden Saucer in the Final Fantasy VII remake.

Aside from this, the Holliday pack will also include and update that adds a New Game Plus mode. A New Game Plus mode is a staple for every RPG as it allows players to replay the game from the start with a harder difficulty. It's a good thing that Final Fantasy XV included this mode to add more replay value to an already large game. Here's the complete list of the Holiday Pack.

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