'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update:Special Gift Boxes For The Christmas Event; Don't Hatch Any Of Your Eggs Yet!

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 20, 2016 12:27 PM EST

Niantic has been generous to the "Pokemon Go" players which they have treated with a lot of amazing surprises this month. Like the baby Pokemon, Pichu and Togepi, partnering with Starbucks and Sprint creating more PokeStops and in line with the holiday spirit the Santa Pikachu. But wait there is more! Trainers might also receive some special gifts from Niantic this coming Christmas day.

Otakurat reports that, Niantic has updated the "Pokemon Go" into its latest version 0.51.0 for Andriod and 1.21.0 for iOS and the dataminers from The Sliph road were able to obtain information on what's instore in "Pokemon Go". The dataminers found a present of a gift graphics added to the version that has filenames labeled as Bronze to Gold together with Special, Great, Ultra variants.

However, there were only a few codes that were identified which may correspond to the present or gift icon that was found in the latest version of "Pokemon Go". It may appear that the gift graphic may be related to the Shop which was name as HasHolidayItems in the meta data attribute.

Another thing that was found by the dataminers in "Pokemon Go" is the "Shop Button Variant". This as supposedly is the new UI element, it said to be that the "holiday items" will replace the standard shop button.

Tech Pocket strongly suggests that players do not hatch their eggs anytime soon for the new baby Pokemon because Niantic might release more new Pokemon in the next "Pokemon Go" update this Christmas day. There is not an assurance that a Christmas event will take place but the chances are high considering the Santa Pikachu.

In another report by Otakurat, each colored gift boxes is said to represent the color of each team and will contain an exclusive item, allegedly an incubator. Stay tuned here on GameNGuide for more news and update for "Pokemon Go".

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