Xbox One Scorpio News And Updates: Microsoft Buying Crytek And CryEngine Inevitable

By zekiah , Updated Dec 20, 2016 07:07 PM EST

Crytek was once of the most respected game studios. They were the makers of the Crysis series that up to this day, sets the benchmark for video game graphic using there patented graphic engine, Crytek. But recent reports suggest the the company is in deep financial trouble. Microsoft could be the savior they need.

One employee reports that they haven't been paid for six months which is the longest period to which they weren't paid. When asked for the delay, the company simply tells the employees to wait and follow up with an apology for the inconvenience. And according to him, every studio under Cryek is also experiencing the same issues of unpaid salary.

It looks like those reports are true as Crytek plans to close 5 of its studios. Founder Avni Yerli said that the change was made to make Crytek more agile, viable and attractive studio. He adds that Crytek are "part of the essential steps we are taking to ensure Crytek is a healthy and sustainable business moving forward that can continue to attract and nurture our industry's top talent." This will make Crytek a focus on its core strengths of world-class developers, state of the art technology and innovative gameplay development.

The key point in Avni Yerli's comments are to make "attractive studio." Herein lies something that could mean something new for the studio moving forward. The most likely reason to make a studio "attractive" is to make the studio in consideration of selling. Making the studio attractive for the best developers seems unlikely as they already have 5 studios filled with developers with who they can choose the best. Thus by reducing the number of studios, it will also reduce the selling price making it more attractive to buyers. Microsoft would be the perfect buyer for Crytek.

Crysis may not have developed the best games but they sure have the best graphics engine in CryEngine. It may in fact be too powerful for its own good. But doesn't make it any less appealing, but could actually be a game changer. With games constantly pushing the boundaries of graphical power, the studio with the best graphic card has a huge advantage. Looking at most top selling games, and you would most likely impressive graphics.

Microsoft on the other hand, is currently loosing the console war over Sony. Microsoft needs an ace in their cards and Crytek is the perfect option. Microsoft is currently developing the Xbox One Scorpio and with CryEngine, could use the console's full potential. Microsoft wouldn't have any problems with money so buying shouldn't be a problem. Microsoft could potentially turn the tide over Microsoft's favor in the console war should they purchase Crytek. 

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