MacBook Pro Shelved Features Bared, Prototypes Still Under Evaluation By Apple

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 22, 2016 01:35 PM EST

As most know by now, the MacBook Pro 2016 hardly made an impression. Hit were the use of Intel Skylake chips and the limitations to only 16 GB RAM. Apple did justify the reason for such but recent reports claim that a lot of potent features were shunned for some reason.

Apple has placed the iPhone and the iPad at the top of its priorities though such does not indicate them shelving the Mac anytime soon, Forbes reported. In fact, there are prototypes being worked on right now, a good sign that new MacBooks with improvement could happen as early as 2017.

As most know, Apple is believed to be rolling out a new batch of MacBook Pros possibly with better chipsets. That immediately calls to mind the Intel Kaby Lake SoCs – processors which Apple was unable to stock up before the MacBook Pro 2016 release. Assuming that the new batch of MacBook Pros does come with an Intel Kaby Lake chipset, such opens up the possibility of seeing the shunned features.

Among the MacBook Pro features taken out prior to its release include a higher capacity pack shaped to the insides of the laptop. One reason that forced Apple to pass on it was a failed battery prototype test, forcing them to settle for square cells. Ironically, the MacBook Pro 2016 was hit by a problem recently, though that matter has already been addressed.

For the 12-inch MacBook Pro variants, a Lightning connector was reportedly planned over the USB-C. Testing for both was done and the Cupertino company eventually settled for the latter connector. Other features of the 12-inch MacBook Pro included a possible Touch ID fingerprint scanner and a second USB-C port, BGR reported.

With those bared, it remains to be seen if the next MacBook Pro will carry these shunned features. While most sound good additions, many prefer to see a power-packed MacBook Pro to compliment their daily itineraries and routines.

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