‘Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif’ DLC Comes With Several Bugs, Glitch Removes Access To Other Game Packs

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 23, 2016 01:13 AM EST

It appears that game technicians at EA DICE will spend the Christmas holiday fixing several game bugs and glitches in "'Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One." The gaming title's latest "Scarif" DLC introduced a slew of problems that affected many gamers.

"Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif" was meant to be a cool addition to EA's action-adventure shooter video game. With four maps to explore, new playable characters and a new "Infiltration mission" game mode, avid fans of the said franchise have been looking forward to the exciting changes that it will bring to the base game.

However, shortly after its release, many gamers reported experiencing several technical glitches and issues that even affected other DLCs previously deployed for the said game. Some of the reported problems, as compiled by Game Spot, included a bug on the "Infiltration mission's" U-Wing phase, as well as the medical droid's hutt contracts not unlocking.

In-game kills made with the sonic imploder were also not recorded, while some of the challenges would reset or specific actions were not counted as part of the challenge requirements. The game's U-Wing mission also contained a glitch that registers a 10,000-meter distance that leads to unending mission rounds.

Moreover, Season Pass holders who own other "Star Wars Battlefront" DLCs mysteriously found their previously downloaded expansion packs missing from their game libraries. It appears that new changes to the game's licenses affected other DLCs.

EA has already issued a guide on how Season Pass holders can access the missing DLCs. Posted on the company's website, console owners will need to re-download and install all of the license files for each expansion pack individually.

In other news, EA and DICE are giving avid "Star Wars Battlefront" gamers a treat where players can access the "Death Star" DLC for free during the Christmas weekend, according to WWG. Apart from the complimentary access, gamers can also enjoy special bonuses such as earning double points, as well as a 5,000 credit to be added to a gamer's account.

The special "Star Wars Battlefront" Christmas treat will run from Dec. 23 until Dec. 25. Learn more about the "Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif" DLC from the clip below:

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