Microsoft’s Project Scorpio: Halo Boss Reveals Console Is Beefier Than Expected

By Danny Smith , Updated Jan 10, 2017 09:21 PM EST

Microsoft's Project Scorpio console is all set for its upcoming market release later this year. Gamers eagerly seek for more information on what could be one of the most powerful gaming machine. And while Microsoft has been discreet when it comes to details of their interesting project, Halo's Boss Frank O'Connor teases as he spills few details about the console's potential.

Game Rant reports that while Boss Frank admits that he can't remember Project Scorpio's specific specs, he is certain that the its features came out to be more beefier than initially expected. Halo director responds to avid gamers by assuring them that Project Scorpio comes with an impressive console power.

While the spilled information may seem biased coming from Halo's head himself, gamers still find themselves talking about how Project Scorpio can change gaming. As of the moment, Microsoft has yet to reveal Halo 6 but many assume that Xbox release would definitely be the next chapter in Halo's universe along with its flagship console.

Tweak Town notes that while Project Scorpio features 6 folds worth of power, the head of Xbox Phil Spencer firmly assures palyers that none of the previously released Xbox One consoles will be abandoned behind new game releases. This translates to relief among players who can now look forward to improved graphics and frame rates with Project Scorpio. Quicker load times for most games can be expected as well.

Project Scorpio also presents potentials for virtual reality, although this may not necessarily be made available via Xbox One or Xbox One S. And with Microsoft working on the upcoming launch of its HoloLens Project, greater potentials might be unlocked when the two projects come together.

Gamers anticipate that Project Scorpio can live up to the current hype that surrounds its upcoming release. Microsoft remains positive that the console generate will generate their anticipated volume of sales.

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