‘Pokemon Go’ News: Legendary Mewtwo Still Missing

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 20, 2017 10:29 PM EST

"Pokemon Go" players are ready for a huge battle against the evil Mewtwo, as featured in the original game trailer in July 2016. However, it seems that the legendary Pokemon is still missing, even after the Gen 2 update has been released.

The Legendary Mewtwo In "Pokemon Go" Is Among The Last Gen 1 Pokemon To Come Out

"Pokemon Go's" evil Mewtwo is reportedly made by science, who provides the players with a tough battle in Pokemon Red and Blue. Reports also suggest that the Pokemon gets a lot of the heroes to overcome in the Pokemon anime.

According to reports, Mewtwo is an epic figure in the Pokémon  lore, which makes it difficult for the players to understand his coming into the "Pokemon Go" as anything except through a grand event. In fact, a lot of fans believe that it would be inappropriate if Mewtwo will be introduced through a cutesy event or a holiday update given its epic Pokemon status.

That said, the coming of Mewtwo is expected to be huge since it is among the last Gen 1 Pokemon, which every "Pokemon Go" player would need in order to complete their Pokedexes. Although pick-up fights and trading appear to be the current priorities for Niantic, some believe that Mewtwo would finally make an appearance, Video Games Republic reported.

"Pokemon Go" Adds More Than 144 Billion Steps To US Physical Activity

Highly engaged "Pokemon Go" players were nearly three times as likely to achieve the official activity guidelines within 30 days following the start of playing the game compared with that before. This is according to a study that seeks to find out how interest in the "Pokemon Go" can correlate with physical activity. The findings further reveal that if the player engagement will be sustained, "Pokemon Go" could measurably affect the US life expectancy, according to Gamasutra.

Watch wild Mewtwo gameplay here:


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