Developer Praises Project Scorpio, Claims It Is A Full-Featured Next-Gen Console

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 27, 2017 09:56 PM EST

Project Scorpio is the code name for Microsoft's upcoming flagship gaming system. Sources believe official development kits have most likely been distributed to developers. During the E3 event last year, they flaunted the Scorpio as the most power console ever. It was previously announced that the gaming system will launch this year. A recent leak revealed some of the device's internal components and they appear to match their claim.

Speculations point out that Thomas Mahler, Moon Studios CEO, claimed that Microsoft's new device is a "full blown next-gen machine." His company worked on the PC and Xbox One game "Ori and the Blind Forest." The CEO apparently responded to a query from a user in forum thread in NeoGAF. Additionally, he expressed his opinion regarding Sony's PS4 Pro, which he called "a half-assed upgrade," says Game Rant.

Mahler went on to describe the Project Scorpio as a "next-gen machine with the added benefit that all your old games will still be compatible." He suggests that Microsoft needs to get the word out to its consumers, in order to inform them that the upcoming gaming system is not an upgrade, but a separate step towards next-gen gaming with the advantage of being "backwards compatible" to the user's existing game library.

Gamespot indicated that Mahler has previously been very vocal about his opinions about gaming platforms. Last year, he reportedly described hardware manufacturers as "insanely secretive ... to a stupid degree" when it comes to new game systems. He claims that it would be more productive to know the specifications, in order to understand what to develop for the console.

According to the leaked documents about the Project Scorpio, its specifications supported its claim to be the most powerful console when it launches, reports Gamenguide. However, despite Mahler's rant about the gaming system, Microsoft still prefers to describe it as an upgraded Xbox One. The company claims their production is making "amazing progess," which appears to further support their 2017 target release date.

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