'Skate 4' Hinted By EA

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 31, 2017 07:25 PM EST

Extreme sports gamers have always enjoyed the limited niche of skateboarding games released for the market. However, the lack of any solid games showcasing the sport did little to help the genre. "Skate 3" came out back in 2010 and reportedly received poor feedback from various publications. Meanwhile, a surprise tweet from an EA staffer hints at the possibility of "Skate 4."

Daniel Lingen, EA senior community manager, surprised fans with a tweet that possibly tease a new skateboarding title. Last year, the publisher stated that a new game is not being considered for development. It is speculated that something might have changed their minds about the franchise, according to Game Rant.

Lingen's tweet only contained a hashtag with the word "Skate 4." The series has been reportedly dormant for almost seven years, but still manages to have loyal and active fanbase. Previous articles talked about the last game's random glitches and inconsistent physics which resulted to some funny moments. Last year, fans of the series gathered through social media asking EA to revisit the series. Thus, it's quite obvious that demand for the title is still strong.

VG24/7 even reports that the third installment of the skateboarding game was just added to the Xbox One backward compatibility list a few months ago. Sources credited its inclusion because of the multitude of fan requests. It is suspected that the ongoing hype for the game might eventually reach the publisher's ears. However, the company might still be considering several factors before they make their final decision about a sequel.

The "Skate 4" tweet has not confirmed anything solid as of now, but considering the individual who sent the message is an EA community manager since 2008, it might be the company's way of measuring the hype and feedback from its fans. Additionally, the publisher could already be working on the sequel and the recent announcement is part of their marketing push for the skateboarding title.

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