New 'Diablo III' Necromancer Class Details Revealed

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 30, 2017 10:11 AM EST

The most recent news pertaining to "Diablo III" was announced last year during the BlizzCon 2016. The keynote speech reportedly revealed Blizzard Entertainment's plan to add more content to its demon-slaying RPG. With a target release date sometime this year, the game publisher confirmed the addition of the Necromancer class as a DLC. Information about the returning class was sparse, but it appears the development team has more to share regarding the new update.

Reports point out that some members of the game's development team took to Facebook, in order to clarify some details about their incoming content update. However, they also made it clear that the price and release date information is not part of their discussion. Moreover, Game Rant notes that a lot of fascinating details were apparently discussed about the DLC pack.

The "Diablo III" developers confirmed that they got the inspiration for the new Necromancer class from the RPG's second installment. It was noted that the class from the previous game and the latest iteration will not be connected in the game's lore. They further elaborated that the newest version is limited to class-specific items and will not use poison and Iron Maiden. They mentioned that the class' gameplay will be different from the Witch Doctor.

They also expressed their interest to give the class additional melee weapon choices like a two-handed scythes. The character will also be able to summon minions, which might be temporary or permanent depending on the skill used. Another new addition is the ability to call upon golems. The game will reportedly include around four to five new golems says Ubergizmo.

During the session, the "Diablo III" team pointed out two noteworthy details about the new Necromancer class. The first notable information reveals that players must have the "Reaper of Souls" expansion in order to install the upcoming DLC. The second refers to the inclusion of the "Decrepify" curse, which weakens and slows down enemies.

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