A Coward's Guide To Play 'Resident Evil 7'

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 30, 2017 10:08 AM EST

Despite its positive reviews, it appears that there are still some gamers who are hesitant to play "Resident Evil 7." However, reports say that one of the most prevalent reasons why some people won't try the game is because they are frightened. It is understandable given that the survival horror title is quite terrifying according to fans of the franchise. The latest game is described to be well-written and full of mysteries, therefore, interested players can try the following tips to hopefully play and have fun.

Play together with a companion

Just like watching a horror movie, people reportedly have a more tolerable experience when watching with some companions. Gamers should share different parts of the game and help each other through puzzles, as suggested by Kotaku. It is also apparently helpful to share some drinks while at it to hopefully reduce the tension of waiting for the next jump scare.

Get to the point where you have weapons

In "Resident Evil 7," the protagonist is completely helpless during the first hour or so. Players are subjected to multiple scenarios of being attacked without any means of fighting back. After the garage boss fight, the game will reportedly start to feel like a "Resident Evil" title. The protagonist will gather weapons, ammo, healing items, and more, which makes enemy encounters more manageable, say GQ.

Wait for morning to play

With the sun out and everyone on and about is one of the best ways to ease into the game if you are easily frightened. Perhaps it's our subconscious that tells us it's much safer when you are in a brightly lit situation.

Adjust the game's brightness setting

The game's default setting is intended to limit the player's visibility thus enhancing the tension. It's designed to keep gamers from spoiling terrifying moments and hidden jump scares. Players can turn up the brightness to its maximum, which greatly reduces the opportunity for enemies to hazards from ruining your game.

The remaining tips range from listening to an upbeat music to obviously not playing "Resident Evil 7" in VR mode. But for players who really can't stomach the genre of horror games, its apparent that nobody is stopping them from playing another title instead.

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