Preparing To Play 'Resident Evil 7' On Madhouse Difficulty

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 01, 2017 05:18 AM EST

"Resident Evil 7" is a game that encourages players to revisit its campaign multiple times even after completion. The survival horror title reportedly features multiple unlockable content rewarded to players after each run through the game. However, certain preset conditions must be followed in order to grab the loot. Additionally, replaying the game helps reduce the tension of the game's frightening elements and leads to more rewards like infinite ammo and unlocks the Madhouse difficulty.

Complete the game at least once

Playing the game no matter what the difficulty is set apparently unlocks some useful items and a new difficulty setting. One of the most notable loot players can receive is the Albert-01R handgun. The firearm is featured during the game's final boss fight and will become available after the campaign's completion, says Game Rant.

The special handgun is one of the most powerful weapons players can use to make boss battles a little easier. Players aiming to take on the "Resident Evil 7" on Madhouse difficulty will most likely benefit from the gun's damage capabilities. Another important item is a scroll called "The Secrets of Defense." The scroll reduces the damage received when blocking attacks and can be used with another item to boost its effects.

Finish the game in less than four hours

This condition will ideally test the player's speed-running capabilities. Using the equipment received from the initial completion will obviously help reduce the time. Once players complete the game within the time limit, they will receive a pair of X-ray glasses and a circular saw.

The X-ray glasses highlight all the collectible items around the area, which makes locating collectibles much easier. The glasses also reportedly inform players about the trap boxes that deal damage once they are smashed. The circular saw is a powerful melee weapon that inflicts significant damage to enemies.

Destroy all the Mr. Everywhere bobbleheads

There are a total of 20 statuettes found all around the Baker's plantation. Smashing all the bobbleheads unlocks the Walking shoes item and The Essence of Defense. The shoe increases movement speed, while the essence further reduces damage from enemies.

With all the items collected from each completion, players can now successfully take on "Resident Evil 7" on Madhouse difficulty. According to Game Revolution, the setting features few checkpoints, limited saves, no health-regeneration, few support items and more enemies. Completing this challenge earns the infinite ammo inventory item.

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