‘World Of Warcraft’ Tokens On Trade; Blizzard Allows Players To Convert Gold Into Overwatch, Hearthstone & Other Blizzard Items

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 08, 2017 10:57 AM EST

How about trading "World of Warcraft" tokens for loot boxes in Overwatch or Hearthstone cards? Blizzard changes the game for WoW Tokens with the announcement that the "World of Warcraft" currency can now be converted to virtual goods for other Blizzard products.

The "World of Warcraft" Token is the special currency that Warcraft players use in the game. According to Venture Beat, the Tokens were first introduced in 2015.

Players buy Tokens with real money and sell them to other players through the in-game auction house in exchange for in-game gold that may be spent for game time. The Token helps Warcraft players buy game time without spending real money.

Blizzard changes how "World of Warcraft" Tokens work with the announcement that Warcraft players can now convert gold earned in the game into Battle.net credits.

This upgrade allows players to convert in-game Tokens into virtual goods from Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of Storm and other Blizzard games. The wealthiest netizens of "World of Warcraft" can now use their gold to own Overwatch loot crates and many other interesting items across the Blizzard games. "World of Warcraft" players can also make use of their Battle.net balance to purchase cosmetic items WOW.

To introduce the new feature to their players, Blizzard has released a video explaining how the new WoW token works. WoW token prices fluctuate with the market, depending on the number of people who buy and sell them online. Players will only realize how much gold can be exchanged for a Token until the auction house deal is closed.

According to Polygon, the WoW Token Info site which monitors Token prices, the "World of Warcraft" currency is currently priced at about 65,575g on North American servers. Blizzard made the right move in this upgrade as the new functionality made WoW Tokens into hot items. Some players report a hard time trying to find Token on sale at the moment.

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