'Pokemon GO’ Gets A Valentine’s Day Event

By Allan , Updated Feb 11, 2017 12:21 AM EST

“Pokemon GO” gets a new event for Valentine’s day and it will reward players with candies for catching, transferring, and hatching Pokemon. In addition, there will be an increased sightings of Pink Pokemon within the event period. The event will run until the 15th of February.

In celebration of the first Valentine ’s Day for the game, Eurogamer reports an event will run for 7 days where players will get double the amount of candy when they catch a Pokemon, hatch, and transfer. Gamers will also find twice the amount of candy for walking their buddy Pokemon. And that’s not all, players will see more Pink Pokemon within the event dates which includes Porygon, Chansey, Clefable in the wild while Igglybuff, Smoochum, and Cleffa from eggs. In addition, using Lure Modules will run for 6 hours instead of just 30 minutes which makes it an ideal date activity for couple playing “Pokemon GO”

This isn’t the first event the game had since its release. Last year, the game had a Halloween and Christmas event where players were also rewarded with more candies and increased chances of encountering with hard to find Pokemon. There was even a limited edition Pikachu with Santa hat that evolves to Raichu still with the hat.

In the last event in the game, Gamerant reports Niantic earned $1 billion which resulted in a 40% increase in revenue in Apple’s App Store. So the Valentine’s Day event is expected to bring in good results, if not better, like the last time.

The new Valentine’s Day event is good news for all “Pokemon GO” players, especially now that the game already has Gen 2 Pokemon. The event will certainly make it easier for all players to complete their Pokedex and catch the Pokemon they are looking for in the game.

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