‘Nioh’ Game Guide; Here’s How You Can Help William Get Started

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 10, 2017 10:07 AM EST

In terms of difficulty, "Nioh" obviously takes after the "Dark Souls" franchise that served as the game's inspiration. Here are some weapon tricks that will surely become handy as players help game lead William begin his adventure on the right foot.

After the "Nioh" release, gamers have been playing as William Adams as he tries to conquer Japan. Many players agree that the game is a little too difficult. In fact, Kotaku reports that even veteran players of the "Dark Souls" game which served as the "Nioh" core gameplay are surprisingly having a hard time too.

According to Extreme Tech, the "Dark Souls" inspired "Nioh" gameplay is programmed at a high level of difficulty. For gamers who wish to tame the game, the key to success lies in the concrete understanding of the basics of the game.

First, players must discover the fighting style they are most comfortable with. Next, "Nioh" players must bear in mind that the game weapons which range from heavy hammer and axes, medium-weight spears and the light swords determine William's speed and the damage he does with every strike.

"Nioh" allows players to fully equip two weapons at a time. Players should place two completely different kinds of weapons in each slot. For the early stages, picking a sword or a spear as the first weapon and a more deadly weapon like a hammer or ax on the second slot is a safe idea.

A bow and a rifle combination are best for those who prefer ranged weapons. Remember to play with the same weapon for an ample time. Mastery is the key.

Swapping weapons every time William stumbles into a seemingly better one is not a good idea. "Nioh" deploys a weapon familiarity system where more damage is done by constant use. Make sure making a switch will give William a good boost over a mere increment.

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