‘Drawn To Death’ Coming To Playstation 4; Developers Reveal Release Date & Describe Exciting Game Modes

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 08, 2017 11:27 PM EST

"Drawn to Death" is coming to Playstation 4. Developers confirm that the third person shooter of the Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency will be released on PlayStation 4 this coming April 4. The Design by David Jaffe, the hero-based shooter will be produced by the San Diego studio of Sony and will cart a $19.99 price tag.

"Drawn to Death" was originally designed to be an online shooting game that can be played for free. But everything changed after developers beta tested the game. The game was first announced during the PlayStation Experience 2014. According to Eurogamer, It was introduced as a multiplayer shooter game that took place on the pages of a high school student's notebook.

The game's initial launch in April will feature six different characters to choose from. Shooting is made more fun with 26 weapons to choose from. According to Polygon, "Drawn to Death" has six game modes. The game developer describes each mode as follows:

Organ Donor. The mode is objective based where players are required to successfully shoot out the enemy's heart from its chest. The heart must then be taken to the stationary base and the player earns 1 point. Players can get double points if they can successfully take the heart to a moving base. The mode is a race to 20, the first player to make the goal point wins!

Classic Deathmatch. A straightforward and relatively simple mode where the first to make 10 kills win.

Classic Team Deathmatch.  A Team version of the previous mode where the team who first makes 20 kills wins.

Core Deathmatch. A mode where defense matters. In this mode, 1 kill equals 1 point and the first player to get 5 points win.  There is a Plot twist, every time a player dies, a point is lost.

Core Team Deathmatch.  A Team version of the previous mode where first team to make 10 points wins.

Brawl. This mode offers intense one-on-one battle experience as game field shrinks in size.

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