‘Dark Souls 3’ The Ringed City; Final DLC Details, Screenshots, & Gameplay Released

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 10, 2017 10:23 AM EST

"Dark Souls 3" final DLC The Ringed City reveals detail. Bandai Namco drops new teasers in time for the game's PlayStation 4 launch scheduled on March 28.

PC Gamer features the new areas featured in "Dark Souls 3". Players get to experience a new adventure as they search for the Ringed City.

The Ringed City DLC will conclude the "Dark Souls 3" story. It will feature new enemies to fight and new bosses to defeat. The final upgrade also throws in brand new sets of weapons and armors. The game will also feature novel spells, latest PvP maps, and many other interesting items.

Bandai Namco teases fans with screenshots from the new DLC. According to PlayStation Lifestyle , the screenshots treat players with a peek of the game's new areas. Snapshots of the new game adversaries along with the latest set of weapons and armor are featured as well.

"Dark Souls 3" The Ringed City will bring along improvements in matchmaking. The upgrade will benefit both co-op and PvP. The latest PvP maps will be made available for players who have the games current DLC "The Ringed City" or the previous one called "Ashes of Andariel".

"Dark Souls 3" The Ringed City has to prove a lot. Being the final DLC release, gamers expect the latest DLC to exceed the creativity of the previous versions. The final DLC needs to bring the widely popular and loved "Dark Souls 3" series to a neat bow.

Feedback from players reported that The Ringed City is filled with more surprises and it gives off a more original vibe versus the Ashes of Ariandel. The new DLC offers a magical level design and enemies attached with a new void-centric wardrobe and mysterious mythology.

Players will get to experience "Dark Souls 3" one last time with The Ringed City. The final DLC will be released on March 28.

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