'Grand Theft Auto V' Shipped 75 Million Copies Three Years After Its Launch

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 10, 2017 11:52 PM EST

"Grand Theft Auto V" proves to retain its big money maker status. Three years after its initial launch, publisher Take-Two Interactive announced that they have shipped 75 million copies of the action game. Somehow, we can now prove that crimes do pay even in the smallest way.

EN Gadget quotes game publisher Take-Two as they announced that the "Grand Theft Auto V" has shipped 75 million copies to date. During the earnings, the game which was first released three long years ago proved that it was a certified money machine.

According to Digital Trends, hitting 75 million may be considered as Take-Two's new record. The developers of the games classified under the high-grossing category, records lesser numbers compared to "Grand Theft Auto V" shipments.

"Mafia III" recorded 5 million copies with 4.5 million shipments sent during the game's launch week. Meanwhile, Take-Two's "NBA 2K17" shipped about 7 million. Sid Meier's "Civilization VI" merely hit the 1.5 million count.

"Grand Theft Auto V" and its 75 million shipments is now listed among the league of blockbuster games. The list includes "Minecraft" which sold more than 100 million copies and "Wii Sports" which record 82.79 million shipments. While copies shipped do not necessarily equal the number of copies sold, the numbers clearly indicate how well the game is performed.

"Grand Theft Auto V" along with the game's online mode "GTA Online" gave a significant boost to Take-Two's financial statement bottom line last year. The game maker's net revenue spiked up by almost 15 percent which translates to about $476.5 million.

Developer Rockstar has been consistent in its support for "Grand Theft Auto V' and "GTA Online" via its free content since its launch. The game's recent updates throws in underground clubs for motorcycle enthusiasts, holiday-themed novelty items and a "Deadline", a Tron-inspired mode.

A lot of people have been taking trips to Los Santos via "Grand Theft Auto V". Have you gone to?

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