More Doomfist Clues Reportedly Found In Latest 'Overwatch' PTR

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 13, 2017 05:21 PM EST

A bunch of updates are reportedly scheduled to hit Blizzard Entertainment's popular team-based shooter "Overwatch." Multiple reports about the game have steadily flooded the internet in the past few weeks. It appears understandable given the number of updates scheduled to arrive for the FPS soon. Additionally, some players messing around on the PTR discovered some elements that further point to Doomfist, which is highly speculated to be the next DLC character.

A YouTube user reportedly compiled some of the hints discovered by multiple users about the new character. One the supposed clue is can be found in the Numbani map, where an unfinished in-game model of the payload was found. Players note that the payload in the area contains the character's weapon encased in glass, but the newly discovered model shows that the container is broken, reports Game Rant.

The next Doomfist clue pointed out by "Overwatch" PTR players was supposedly the menu music. Reports claim that players started to notice that main menu theme sounded different. Some dedicated users have apparently found more proof after some data-mining, where they were able to point out that music also appeared in the cinematic trailer of the game back in 2014. Meanwhile, other users also noted a change when browsing through the hero gallery. It appears Blizzard Entertainment made an adjustment to accommodate another Hero card.

With its "Year of the Rooster" event closing out next week, some players are still expecting the developer to announce the new character on Valentine's Day. Some of these small changes to the game's map usually precede a cinematic trailer for the new character, according to players. The community is obviously hyped to finally get a new DLC character, but the developer also continued to deny that they have anything planned for the big day of love in February, as reported by Gamenguide.

Terry Crews continues to keep fans guessing if Blizzard Entertainment has already casted him as the voice of Doomfist in "Overwatch." The actor recently teased fans with a mock audition video of him reading some speculated lines for the character. The development team has not confirmed or released official details about the new character, but with all the latest incoming updates form the PTR, fans are still hoping that news might be announced soon.

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