Nintendo Switch: Famitsu Surveys Japanese Developers About The New Console

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 17, 2017 04:14 AM EST

In a recent poll, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu reportedly asked around 24 game developers from Japan about their opinion on the Nintendo Switch. Although their answers seemed to express their excitement about the new gaming system, it was also noted that there were some hints of hesitation form them. However, it was apparently observed that the developers were at odd with their opinions on how fans perceive the new game system.

The polls were translated from Japanese courtesy of Kotaku and deliver some information about how these developers analyze the upcoming device. The polls were obviously kept confidential so their names were not revealed during the survey. It was confirmed that 54 percent claim that they are working on a game for the Switch, while 46 percent were reportedly considering making a game for the hybrid device.

The Famitsu poll continued with 34 percent of the developers noting that the Nintendo Switch's game quality will determine its success after it launches. Meanwhile, eight percent also believe that proper marketing can push the console further with its sales. It was almost unanimous regarding the type of games that fit the new gaming system, which was ultimately agreed to be RPGs. First-person games are on the bottom of the list for unspecified reasons.

Nintendo's online service was the next focus, getting a 38 percent collective opinion that is should have included the service for fee. Another 41 percent agree with the company's decision to charge consumers for their online service. Given the consoles suggest retail price, 67 percent of the developers believe it is competitive. However, the remaining votes seem to think that its price makes it appear too cheap, reports Game Rant.

The Nintendo Switch is launching in just a couple of weeks and the Famitsu polls indicated that majority of the developers agree on one thing. It was noted that the new console's gimmicks are surely going to attract gamers to pre-order the device. The Switch is scheduled to become available on March 3, 2017.

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