'For Honor' Tips To Win More Duels

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 17, 2017 04:16 AM EST

At first glance, "For Honor" might appear like the typical brawler wherein your character goes through waves of enemies, but in fact it is a fighting game that requires good reflexes and pre-emptive decision making during attacks. Reports have confirmed that the game features a sharp learning curve compared to other action games. It was also noted that learning how to play does not end with the tutorial mode only.

In order to be more successful throughout the game players should master the combat system and how to maximize getting advantages. When gamers go through the first tutorial the game reportedly only teaches how to block, but if users want an advantage during combat, it is important to learn how to parry, says Forbes. Unlike blocking, getting a successful parry gives players a frame advantage over their opponent, which is an ideal situation to keep the pressure on the enemy.

In order to execute a proper parry in "For Honor," players must pay attention to the direction arrows on each opponent. It can obviously be noted that the direction where an attack is coming from will flash red. Players should observe the small instant where the arrow flashes white and then perform a heavy attack. If successful, the move will create an opening for players to attack the enemy while they are in a staggering animation.

Gamers should understand that each character has a different timing when they attack, so paying close attention to the flash will eventually get players accustomed to deflect enemy attacks. Another great tip is to obviously position your character, so that the enemy has their back toward a cliff or any edge. Performing a guard break and then following up with another guard break will push your opponent back and possibly have them thrown off the edge. Games Radar+ notes that players must be aware of their environment in order to gain an advantage over the enemy.

The final helpful tip for winning combat in "For Honor" is getting know your character's special moves. Each fighter has their own special move set, which can give different results like unblockable attacks, after-parry finishers and distance-closing moves. Mixing up basic moves with these can throw off your opponent's timing and hopefully give players victory.

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