Special Outfits In 'Ghost Recon: Wildlands' Unlocked By Uplay Points

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 25, 2017 02:05 AM EST

Players who have signed up for Ubisoft's Uplay and collected their points will apparently enjoy a treat next month once "Ghost Recon: Wildlands" is officially launched. Sources have reported that some leaked screenshots from Ubisoft have unveiled some special outfits that are unlockable through the developer's online service for the tactical shooter. The revealed goodies will apparently include outfits and gear from several franchises published by the developer.

The reported outfits and gear include the Fourth Echelon suit from "Splinter Cell Blacklist," a weapon skin with "Rainbow Six Siege" livery, night vision goggles used by Sam Fisher in "Splinter Cell," an outfit inspired by "The Division" and an "Assassin's Creed" designed hoodie to name a few. Some of the other gear appeared to be a skin for the drone which features some confetti, a couple of outfits, a weapon skin with a Skorpion design and a Santa Blanca cartel t-shirt and cap, as reported by Game Rant.

Ubisoft fans will most likely enjoy these extras in order to customize their character's appearance and stay unique from other "Ghost Recon: Wildlands" players. Several reports have previously confirmed that these Uplay items are purely aesthetic and won't give players any sort of advantage during offline and online play. Other titles from the developer have also featured extra gear and skins, such as "Rainbow Six Siege" and "The Division."

The developer has reportedly encouraged players to join the open beta scheduled for this weekend, in order to test out the game's online multiplayer features. A new province has reportedly been added to the beta called Montuyoc, which features a higher difficulty for players to challenge their skills.

IGN has published a report about "Ghost Recon: Wildlands," which revealed some interesting facts about its development. The article revealed that Ubisoft apparently sent a group to Bolivia that shadowed an elite army unit, which allowed them to experience tactics and actual destruction of cocaine labs. Reports have also revealed that the open-world multiplayer felt like "Far Cry" where teams can approach a mission any way they like. The game is scheduled to launch on March 7, 2017, so players can start collecting their Uplay points to access the extras.

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