'For Honor': Female Armor Done Right

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 23, 2017 03:31 AM EST

Although "For Honor" features both male and female fighters, it seems difficult at first glance to discern your opponent's gender. The game features fully-covered combatants with thick armor, which make is almost impossible to have enough time to peek before the enemy strikes players down. Ubisoft has apparently succeeded with their intention to have gamers focus on the battle skill of each character instead of their gender.

Unlike most video games, where armor for women are usually designed to increase sex appeal rather than protection, the game reportedly designed their armor correctly. Instead of giving players something to stare at, the developer apparently chose to properly clothe their character models. Reports have noted that the game does armor right and keeps players focused on combat, says Kotaku.

The cast of combatants in "For Honor" have an equal ratio of male and female fighters. Each one of them are properly armored and even their hair is tied toward the back or kept under their headgear, which seems ideal in order to prevent any interference with their vision during combat. Therefore, it appears Ubisoft really did their research when they developed the title.

Reports claim that players try to listen for audio clues to make out if they are fighting against a man or a woman. However, the game's voices during battle sound neutral until one player dies and their screams give their gender away. Among the characters, the female Viking raider appears to be the only woman showing a bit of skin. The developer claims that she keeps her armor light in order to stay mobile and charge into enemies.

Despite its proper female armor design, "For Honor" does suffer from a few setbacks. Eurogamer, notes that the Ubisoft game uses a P2P (peer-to-peer) connection instead of host server. P2P has its advantages, but it has been reported that the game pauses if one player gets disconnected. This has reportedly caused players to lose their timing during combat, which is understandably frustrating. It appears the developer has to find a way to fix this issue, since the game relies a lot on online matches for replay value.

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