Speculated 'DOOM' Sequel Hinted By Game Directors

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 26, 2017 11:01 PM EST

Before its release back in 2016, "DOOM" was reportedly supposed to be called "Doom 4." Reports claim id Software came up with a decision to make a new game instead of a sequel and surprisingly ended up with a well-received FPS. Therefore, the developer has now obviously hinted at a new sequel as a follow up to their 2016 shooter, due to its supposed potential.

Hugo Martin, the developer's creative director, discussed the game development, which reportedly touched on possible sequels for the latest shooter. IGN notes that the developers were apparently asked if they plan to create a brand new title, but they expressed their desire to continue work on the lore and materials already set by the FPS in 2016. "We left ourselves a really, really amazing canvas and a lot of colors to paint with going forward," said Marty Stratton, game director.

The two id Software executives who worked on "DOOM" reportedly only focused on their latest FPS shooter. Sources confirmed that they also talked about the multiplayer content they have delivered for the game. They confirm the future projects might also get these kinds of aftermarket support from their team. "I think the DLC we did for multiplayer is, it's definitely the best of the multiplayer stuff that's out there," they said. They also promised to keep a close watch on what's interesting for players in the future.

Game Rant reports that the two executives are focused on the elements that made the game successful. They expressed their plans to make a more unique story for future installments, which would hopefully keep fans guessing. Martin described the game as "dumb" and celebrated the fact it was really kind of stupid," which possibly lent to its charm and warm reception from fans. The two went on to discuss their inspirations, which reportedly involved some action films like "Evil Dead" and "The Last Boy Scout."

Id Software will do its best to create sequels that establish the Doom concept properly. They apparently want to focus on aspects that made "DOOM" fit the franchise. The developers pointed out that they want their sequels to stand out unlike "Call of Duty" sequels, which seem to lack personality and focus.

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