'Overwatch' Hero Number 24: Latest Clues And Details

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 27, 2017 03:52 AM EST

Since its release, "Overwatch" has already added two new characters into its massive roster of heroes. In the recent news that have surfaced, Blizzard Entertainment appears to be teasing fans with a possible 24th hero just before the game's first anniversary. During its past hero reveals, the developer reportedly left small clues and mysteries for gamers to decipher, which holds clues to its next character reveal.

The developer has previously relied on several mediums in order to tease fans and generate a buzz before the official character release. They have previously baited gamers with clues in their official website, screenshots, Twitter posts and in-game clues within the Public Test Region (PTR). Sources have reportedly noted that the developer seems to enjoy their fan's attempts to figure out their hints and puzzles, as reported by Game Rant.

Blizzard Entertainment's first attempt apparently arrived a few months after "Overwatch" was released. The developer posted schematics of Ana's biotic rifle on Twitter, while a few months after players got hints of Sombra through a reportedly frustrating series of hints and puzzles. Reports speculate that the developer has learned its lesson from Sombra's reveal, which could mean a more straightforward tease for its 24th hero.

Their most recent tease seems to be tightly related to Doomfist, which is contradictory to what Jeff Kaplan declared in a recent article from Gamenguide. Prior to their latest series of hints, fans have apparently speculated that Doomfist will be the game's next Hero. Terry Crews even teased players that he wanted to audition for the voice of the new character. However, Kaplan reportedly told fans that "24 isn't who you think it is."

It seems that events leading up to Blizzard Entertainment's 24th hero reveal for "Overwatch" are strongly hinting Doomfist. Although, earlier this week the developer posted a mock article about Efi Oladele, clues still continue to include clues related to Doomfist. Even the latest PTR update, which detailed some changes in the Numbani map reveal that the titular weapon was stolen along with its schematics. It seems fans have a lot of clues to work with until the developer finally reveals their newest character.

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