‘Celeste’ Heads To Nintendo Switch: ‘TowerFall’ Game Developers Presents Mountain-Climbing Game

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 28, 2017 03:34 PM EST

Creators of "Towerfall" Matt Thorson and co-creator Noel Berry develop a single-player mountain-climbing platform game called "Celeste". This hardcore game will be available in the hottest game platform Nintendo Switch.

According to Polygon Thorson makes the announcement through a new gameplay trailer posted in YouTube. Way back in July 2016, Thorson and Berry announces "Celeste" using Twitch to stream the game's development.

"Celeste" traces its origin from an earlier game "Celeste Classic" back in 2015. Thorson and Berry created "Celeste Classic" for the PICO-8 in just four days.

Matt Thorson proudly introduces "Celeste" in Playstation Blog, as a single player platformer featuring mountain climbing. Thorson excitedly adds that he finds an amazing community of players on PS4 based on his previous game "TowerFall Ascencion".

Thorson also shares how he loves climbing route that often looks impossible at first glance and how the players makes his way to the top. The fun of maneuvering up a cliff, the rush of reaching for a hold just beyond safety, and the challenge of pushing to go a bit further than last time. These intuitions give Thorson and berry the focus to create "Celeste", a game that focuses on real-life rock climbing.

The mountain in Celeste isn't an ordinary one. "Celeste" has more than 250 stages that takes place in a variety of settings. "Celeste" showcases settings like an abandoned city, ancient ruins, precarious cliff sides or a haunted resort. Thorson adds that the game primarily is inspired by the difficult platformers found during the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) era.

Days from now, "Celeste" will be available for purchase in Nintendo Switch console. The game is scheduled to be released later this year not only for Nintendo Switch but also for PlayStation4 and Windows PC. Would "Celeste" be as successful as "TowerFall?" Share us what you think, comment your thoughts below.

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