Nintendo Switch Menus: Revealed In A Three-Minute Video After An Early Shipment

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 21, 2017 03:49 AM EST

For whatever reason, unknown retailer accidentally sent out a Nintendo Switch more than two weeks ahead of the console's launch date. Luckily, a NeoGAF user, got this and had it posted, including photos and videos of the hardware. Wherein, the published video showed its menus.

On Thursday, by an early shipment, Nintendo Switch has arrived and has finally been revealed in unboxing photos and a three-minute video. The NeoGAF user, hiphoptherobot, received his pre-ordered Switch earlier from its launch date on March 3. Game Spot says the NeoGAF user published a video to prove his claim that he got the console early on that day, which showed the settings, main menu and the system's primary setup procedure.

For the first time, in his three-minute published video, the NeoGAF user himself goes through the system's initial setup procedure of the Nintendo Switch. He then goes to the home screen after created a user "gaf" on the console.

When he goes through the News section, several tiles were primarly being featured. Because hiphoptherobot is likely not online by that time, the section includes items like "Setting the Table" or the top Mode. On the other hand, the console provoked him to install a system update the time he tried to access the Switch eShop.

Moreover, Polygon reported that Nintendo Switch has only 25.9 GB of free space, as hiphoptherobot goes through the system settings. Unlikely, the Switch was said to have an internal storage of 32 GB. The availability of it to the users is just under eighty one percent of the total.

Users can adjust settings for notifications and other output of the Switch. The theme of the home screen can also be set and adjusted to either "Basic Black" or "Basic White", for what would be preferable by the users.

Meanwhile, the public will only be just watching the three-minute video clip of hiphoptherobot on his new on hand Nintendo Switch. And, wait few days for the launch of the Switch.

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