‘Rocket League’ Update: PS4 Pro Patch Gets 60 FPS Support & 4K Resolution

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 26, 2017 11:05 PM EST

The vehicular soccer video game "Rocket League" is getting its PlayStation 4 Pro support as announced by its developer Psyonix. The update that was released last week allowed the game to run at 4k and 60 FPS on a PS4 Pro or 1080p and 60 FPS on a standard PS4.

The game "Rocket League" will truly get used to the update for every arena in both single-screen and two-player split-screen modes. A 60 FPS framerate is what the players will experience when playing split screen with three or four players.

As what Psyonix said last year that it has considered the prospect of a PlayStation 4 Pro patch on "Rocket League", but it never committed of discharging one. Although a new feature called Boost mode can propose an enhancement, but without having one of the Pro patches, the games still don't profit from its added horsepower.

According to Gamespot, the said "Rocket League" update carries more enhancements not just on the technical side. In addition, "Rocket League's"new Hot Wheels-themed items such as Toppers and Antennas are there to attain post-match. The following add-ons will be free, but a pair of genuine Hot Wheels downloadable content vehicles will be sold on their own.

According to Engadget, the PlayStation 4 Pro patch support varies from game to game. Expected to get an enhanced texture and sharper renderings on the platform are the following games; Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Fallout 4 and Hitman.

Regarding the PS4 Pro patch, tiny details of the game down to the stitching of the clothing of the lead heroine will be perfectly rendered in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

With PS4 Pro's new Boost mode, any game can still get a bump in framerate. Just the first of many planned content updates for "Rocket League" in 2017, Psyonix noted.

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