'Overwatch': Double Character Reveal Speculated

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 28, 2017 04:45 AM EST

A bunch of speculations continue to flood the internet as well as the Overwatch community and continues to tease fans about Blizzard Entertainment's next character reveal. The developer has obviously started to release clues and some teasers about the team-based shooter's 24th hero. Obviously, Doomfist has been in everyone's radar since Terry Crew's expressed his interest to play the character, but some new rumors have hinted at the possibility of a double character reveal.

Efi Oladele and Doomfist

Gamers were apparently surprised when Jeff Kaplan teased that "24 is not who you think it is", which supposedly killed all speculations of Doomfist as the next Hero. However, reports confirmed that the developer posted another mock article on their website about a technology prodigy named Efi Oladele, reports Game Rant.

Meanwhile, Doomfist has been continuously teased by both Blizzard Entertainment and Terry Crews. The actor even made a mock audition video of himself pretending to read supposed lines for the character. The developer continued to leave vague hints about the 24th hero, but never officially confirmed anything included Crews' supposed visit to the "Overwatch" game studio. Perhaps this could mean that players might be in a for a double character reveal.

Public Test Region clue

Players who have their matches in the Numbani map have already noticed the large posters dotting the area that refer to Doomfist. The first two wielders of the weapon are showcased visibly, while the third is left as a silhouette, which could mean that a successor has not yet been found. The payload vehicle also holds the weapon itself and schematics for it can be found in a particular spawn point.

 Surprisingly the latest PTR update changed some of the map elements to show that the weapon was stolen along with its schematics. Efi Oladele is also featured as she was credited for the picture taken at the airport, where several defense robots were show possibly destroyed by the gauntlet, according to a report from Polygon.

Blizzard Entertainment has previously done a double character reveal, but it was reportedly prior to the official launch of "Overwatch". Reports have indicated that the developer might shake things up with the possible release of two heroes. It is suspected that the reveal might happen on the same date as the fourth competitive season officially kicks off.

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