'For Honor' Guide: The Numbers Next To Players' Names Explained; Reputation Level Determines Gear Achievement

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 28, 2017 09:20 AM EST

"For Honor" newbies may now garb their characters with amazing gear in the game. Furthermore, the Reputation level has also been detailed by gaming experts. In the meantime, recent stats claim that "For Honor" downloads on Steam outnumber the cheaper options.

Player Level Vs Reputation Level Explained

Note that there are several numbers next to the player's name in "For Honor." These numbers reveal how good the player is in the game, Gearnuke reported. First off, the first number next to the username reveals the player's level. Next to it shows the Gear level.

A pattern around one of the numbers shows the player's Reputation Level in "For Honor". The level resets every time the player reaches level 20. This means that the player's Reputation Level is Level 1.

When the Reputation level increases, chances of getting better gear also increases. Then as the player levels up, Packs will be awarded. The packs in "For Honor" come in different kinds such as the Basic Pack, the Armor Pack, the Weapon Pack and the Premium Pack.

Remember that rarer gear are available to those with high reputation levels. In terms of fast level ups, "For Honor" players need to follow orders or side missions for Multiplayer. Orders reward gamers with bonus experience to level up faster.

Half Of "For Honor" User Base Use Steam

In other news, stats coming from githyp revealed that Steam is still the most preferred platform for PC gaming, PCGamesN reported. It has been revealed that the user base split almost down the middle between Steam and uPlay. Following the game launch, the Steam version of "For Honor" is said to have peaked at roughly 45,000 individual users.

"For Honor" gamers on PC measured a total of 83,000 players. Hence, 54 percent of "For Honor" gamers are using Steam to run the game with the remaining 46 percent playing directly via uPlay. Apparently, many digital download sites sold game keys working directly on uPlay that are significantly cheaper than the Steam version. Watch "For Honor" gameplay below:


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