'Resident Evil 7' New DLC Centers Hero Chris Redfield & It's Free; Banned Footage Vol 1 & 2 On PS4 Explained

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 28, 2017 09:24 AM EST

"Resident Evil 7" developers revealed that the next free downloadable content centers on the series hero Chris Redfield. In addition, a previously PS4 exclusive DLC arrives on the Xbox One and PC platforms. The two volumes of Banned footage packs several scenario modes including the Daughters Scenario.

Chris Is Chasing Someone Unknown

Capcom featured a few pictures of the iconic soldier via Twitter. The post teased more about the separate story. It should be noted that the free "Resident Evil 7" DLC is slated to hit in Spring 2017, Game Informer reported. Note that "Not a Hero DLC" will feature Chris who is noted as the embodiment of a hero as he is a fighter.

"Comical Game Mode" Comes to "Resident Evil 7" PC and Xbox One

In other news, the Banned Footage Volumes 1 and 2 on the Sony PlayStation 4 is now available on two other gaming platforms. Volume 1 was launched on the PS4 at the end of January packing two Scenario missions the Bedroom and Nightmare. Moreover, Volume 1 also features the new "Resident Evil 7" tough as nails mode called Ethan Must Die, Gamespot reported.

On the other hand, Volume 2 packs the 21 Scenario where players have to gamble life and limb in a deadly Lucas Baker-run game. In addition, the prequel to the main game, the Daughters Scenario is also included in the "Resident Evil 7" DLC. A new mode is also included in the second expansion called Jack's 55th birthday or the comical game mode.

The game mode involves feeding the villain, Jack baker, tons of food. In the meantime, "Resident Evil 7" is said to have been toned down for the Japanese release. Note that the Worldwide launch shipped 25 million copies upon launch which is below the first week figures for the previous games in the franchise-the "Resident Evil 6" and the "Resident Evil 5."

"Resident Evil 7"  has currently increased shipped copies to 3 million. Watch gameplay of the Nightmare scenario below:


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