'Injustice 2': Changes From The First Game

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 28, 2017 04:49 AM EST

NetherRealm Studio has reportedly shared some new gameplay footage of its upcoming fighter "Injustice 2". The new video apparently stars Rahul Kohli from "iZombie", as he plays a couple of online matches and talks with the game's community specialist Tyler Lansdown. The two apparently talk about the basics of the fighting game and also discussed the key differences of the new game compared to the first one.

The community specialist obviously pointed out the brand new gear system, where players receive random gear for character customization. According to Lansdown, the developer expects the new system to deliver a new experience for fans as they get to customize how their favorite character appears in the game. The developer also pointed out that the new gear is not limited to aesthetic changes, but also enhances some of the character's attributes, as reported by Game Rant.

Most players are aware that "Injustice 2" is currently has a closed beta event, where players can try out Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Atrocitus and Blue Beetle. NetherRealm Studios has given out limited invites for the fighting game's beta, which has reportedly ended last Feb. 21, 2017. However, fans speculate that another round of closed beta invites might become available soon. In the video, Kohli showcases some basic attacks and consistently lost five matches. He also established that each fighter has their own play styles from zoning to close-up brawling.

The game has already showcased several characters from its roster and the latest character reveal highlights Black Canary. Her gameplay focuses more on close quarters attacks, which Lansdown describes as "if she gets in on you, it's game over". He shared that players would need to zone her as much as possible, but also be on the lookout for some moves that allow her to bypass projectiles.

NetherRealm Studios has yet to announce more characters to complete the roster of fighters in "Injustice 2". Ed Boon even reportedly teased fans to expect more obscure characters to join the cast, according to Gamespot. The game is scheduled to come out for the PS4 and Xbox One on May 16, 2017.

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