Nintendo Switch Review: Below Par Charging Performance From Battery Packs

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 03, 2017 06:04 AM EST

Gamers still on the fence about the Nintendo Switch and its reported battery life might want to consider new information about the system in portable mode. It seems like most players have already planned to offset the system's short portable battery performance with battery packs or power banks as some call them. Unfortunately, some sources have reportedly tested if it would be feasible. The results are sadly not favorable for the device's portable longevity.

It has been reported that some Switch units are being reviewed by the press, who are reportedly making field tests to determine its performance. The device can be charged through a USB type-C port when it is undocked, which allows users to plug the other end to a battery pack. However, several users have revealed that the console loses around one to two percent of its battery every 10 minutes while it is connected and charging through a portable battery pack, according to Venture Beat.

After some analysis, reports confirmed that the reason for the drop is the charge voltage. The Nintendo Switch apparently used a higher voltage to charge its battery, which the battery packs can't supply on demand. Most battery packs are designed with a full output voltage of 5V, which is obviously enough to charge mobile phones and tablets. However, the Switch reportedly requires a 15V output to properly charge the system while in use.

The findings do not exactly mean that users cannot recharge their console with a portable battery pack. They can actually charge the console provided that they do not play anything while it is being charged. Additionally, it reportedly charges slower than through its included power cable. Game Rant notes that the information is obviously disheartening for gamers that have pre-ordered or have plans to get the console when it launches.

It seems that most consumers have speculated that the Nintendo Switch is really designed to be a portable console. Therefore, it might be understandable for gamers to feel disappointed about its below par charging performance with available battery packs. According to older reports, Nintendo apparently expressed that the new console is not meant to replace the 3DS, which is their flagship portable gaming platform.

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