'Final Fantasy XV: A King's Tale' Now Available As A Free Download

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 03, 2017 06:17 AM EST

Gamers who love Square Enix's "Final Fantasy XV" and want to know more about its lore might want to check out "Final Fantasy XV: A King's Tale". The game was previously locked as an exclusive to gamers who pre-ordered their copies of the RPG through Gamestop. However, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers can now download the game for free. The game reportedly features a story that is set around 30 years before the events in "XV".

Unlike the RPG, the downloadable game is described to be an action-based side-scroller. The game features 2D sprites, which make it look like a retro game from older consoles. Reports describe the game as a story expansion DLC, which features elements that further enhance the "XV's" lore. According to Game Rant, just like the "Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood" anime and "Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive" CGI movie.

"Final Fantasy XV: A King's Tale" stars Noctis' father, King Regis, as he fights against monsters that have started to invade the royal capital. He is joined by several characters like Cid, Clarus and Weskham. The game's story begins when Regis tries to read a story for Noctis, but the prince requested his father to tell him something about his adventures when he was younger. The game begins with the younger King and his companions as they battle across Insomnia.

The downloadable game abandons the 3D graphics of the original game and goes for a retro animated-sprite look from old school games. It reportedly features combo heavy combat with a fast-paced action. "Final Fantasy" staples like towering enemies and gigantic swords are also included in the game. It seems that the story will take players through the experience of young king Regis.

According the Gamespot, "Final Fantasy XV: A King's Tale" does not require players to have a copy of "Final Fantasy XV" in order to get the download. It is apparently free for all users on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game takes up around 2GB of internal storage and is available for download now.

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