Nintendo Switch's HD Rumble Reportedly Allows Blind Husband & His Wife To Play Together

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 07, 2017 03:43 AM EST

Even in an ideal relationship, it is sometimes difficult for a couple to find a game they would both play together. Moreover, the difficulty becomes much higher when one of them is actually blind, which adds a whole new level of challenge for both parties. However, recent news have reported that a married couple found common ground with the Nintendo Switch and its HD Rumble feature.

Kotaku reports that the husband, Rich Maroney, apparently has Type 1 diabetes that led him being diagnosed with Diabetic Retinopathy. His wife, Mandi Bundren goes with him to enjoy movies, hiking trips and sometimes watching concerts. While it may seem like they would both enjoy playing games together, it is unfortunately different. The couple seems to have a challenging time to "play video games together" unless that particular title has "multi-sensory input", claims Mandi.

Other than the Nintendo Switch and its HD Rumble feature for video games, Rich apparently likes fighting games. Mandi on the other hand, likes other types of games, which might not appeal that much to her husband. Surprisingly, both of them really enjoyed the game "1-2 Switch". The game reportedly maximized the vibration feature of the Joy-Cons, which in turn delivered enough sensations through the controller to enhance his reaction to certain titles.

Meanwhile, in recent news, multiple Switch users have voiced their complaints to Nintendo about the Joy-Con desynchronization issue. Most reports have indicated that the left controller loses its connectivity with the console. Gamenguide has reported continuous problems even though users have updated their consoles with the day one patch. So far, the company's workaround tasks users to turn off some of their devices, which is hardly ideal for some players who also rely on their other wireless products.

With so little games that support players with sight and other health complications. Gamers with disabilities have reportedly asked game companies to come up with various features that will also help enhance their gameplay experience. It seems that the Nintendo Switch and its HD Rumble feature have helped a couple build a stronger bond with gaming.

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