'Pokemon Stars' Features & Consoles: Nintendo's Capabilities Require Total Overhaul Of Game's Visuals, Switch Console Launch In The Offing

By Paige McClure , Updated Mar 10, 2017 09:41 PM EST

"Pokemon Stars" is a spinoff of the Pokemon game lines that is being developed for the Nintendo Switch Console. Along with other games like Super Mario Odyssey and Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild" the game are among the many games that are announced to support the Switch. It is but only a matter of time that the Switch will be introduced to the game.

However, in a recent report by Mic, "Pokemon Stars" is not one of those games confirmed for release in 2017. Nintendo Switch is ready for other games for the 2017 release date but not for the Stars game series. This means that the Switch console is ready for other games like the Skyrim and Rayman Legends but not for Pokemon.

It can be noted that the Pokemon Company has announced last year in September that it will come with the Nintendo Switch technology. The announcement mentioned "Pokemon Stars" the third among the Pokemon series, including Sun and Moon. But it did not confirm the release of the game with the new Switch console in the middle of 2017 as revealed by Polygon.

On the contrary, to the dismay of the many fans, "Pokemon Stars" on the Nintendo Switch console will not come until 2018. This is because, the Switch capabilities would require for the re-writing of the game's visual effects. The designers will have to choose whether to just fast track the remake of the game to beat the 2017 target date. Otherwise it will really have the complete overhaul and delay the release in 2018.

For more information of "Pokemon Stars" on Nintendo Switch console, it is better to stay tuned to Gamenguide.

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