'Overwatch': Symmetra Has Autism, Confirms Jeff Kaplan

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 13, 2017 05:24 AM EDT

Fans have reportedly enjoyed how Blizzard Entertainment has approached story-telling in "Overwatch". The developer has expanded the game's heroes' personalities with different comics, which explore more about their experiences and backstories. Some of these comics revealed key story elements like Torbjorn and Bastion's friendship in "Binary". Jeff Kaplan, game director, recently responded to a fan's message to confirm that Symmetra is a hero that has autism.

A fan of the team-based shooter apparently wrote to the developer's executive to talk about how the game helped him and his brother bond. The letter also reportedly talked about the comic "A Better World" which details about the background story of the game's hero from India. According to Game Rant, Kaplan responded to the letter personally and was reportedly posted by users to the developer's official forums, which was later upload to a Tumblr blog.

Jeff Kaplan told the fan "I am so glad 'Overwatch' is providing a great way for you and your brother to bond!" and "I'm glad you asked about Symmetra." Kaplan then proceeded to praise the gamer's observation about her, which according to the game director, confirms that she has autism. Kaplan further added that the hero "does a great job," which showcases "how awesome someone with autism can be".

As an added bonus, the fan reportedly received some game-themed magnets, which the gamer claimed "made me feel special." Several fans were reportedly happy that the game director confirmed what they have speculated from the "A Better World" comic. The issue supposedly had players wondering what she meant when she referred to "the spectrum". The comic also focused on the Vishkar Corporation's mission to rebuild the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Blizzard Entertainment recently confirmed that they have more story content planned for release soon, according to Gamenguide's report. Jeff Kaplan's confirmation that Symmetra has autism is possibly appreciated fans who praised "Overwatch" and its diversity. Fans have reportedly enjoyed how the game represents various heroes with varied ethnic and racial backgrounds, which supposedly gives players characters they can relate to.

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