Character-Switching Confirmed For 'Final Fantasy VII: Remake', Says Testuya Nomura

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 13, 2017 05:20 AM EDT

It seems expected that not all fans might be pleased with how Square Enix approaches "Final Fantasy VII: Remake". It is apparently understandable given the game's iconic status among the RPG gaming community. Reports have already established that the RPG will feature improvements along with the expected massive graphical overhaul. In a recent interview with game director Tetsuya Nomura, details were revealed that suggested a character-switching element during combat.

Several sources have reported about the fan-reception of the changes on the game's combat system, which has moved from the familiar turn-based system into a more action-oriented approach with every battle. Game Rant points out that "Final Fantasy XV" featured an action-based battle system, which did not permit players to swap between different characters. However, new details about "Remake" suggest that players can switch between characters.

During the interview with Square Enix's Tesuya Nomura, he reportedly gave details about some changes with the combat system in "Final Fantasy VII: Remake". The director mentioned "rather than just ending it at that scaffold, we've made use of the space." He also explained that they "developed a battle that takes advantage of the map's characteristics," that allows players to "fight while switching between Cloud and Barret," which hints at character-switching.

The director further explains that there would be situations where Cloud's attack may not reach and enemy, so players can swap control over to Barret in order to engage the target. Nomura also detailed that the Guard Scorpion boss battle will have some changes not found in the original version of the RPG. He pointed out that there would be "missiles and such are coming down" and boasted that the encounter would be "a significantly flashy battle".

Sources have noted that Tetsuya Nomura's decision to allow character-switching mid-battle might be groundbreaking for "Final Fantasy VII: Remake". Nevertheless, reports speculate that traditionalist might take Square Enix's approach negatively. A previous report from Gamenguide indicated that the voice acting work for the game is almost done, which could mean that the game might see a 2017 release after all.

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